Drawn, by James Hankins

It’s almost Halloween, and for the month of October, one of my book clubs decided to choose a Halloween theme. The book chosen to be read was Drawn, by James Hankins.

I have never read anything by James, but I was immediately reminded of Dean Koontz, who happens to be a favorite authors of mine, as well as Steven King. If you love paranormal and thriller type books, this is one for you!

The store follows four people, living separate lives and going through different things personally. There is an artist, who’s mysterious muse is a boy who appears in all her paintings, an elderly man, who has not lost hope for a son who has been long believed do have died, an agoraphobic, who’s last tragic accident left him crippled and fearful to leave the comforts of his home, and a boy, forced to live on his own out in the streets. All four people end up crossing each others’ paths, all seemingly to be lead by different paranormal forces.

I could not put this book down. I did initially think because of the blurb on the back of the book, there would be a bit more paranormal than thriller, but there was an equal amount of both paranormal and thriller. You do have to concentrate for the first half of the book, as it bounces back and forth between the four different people. If you can sort out who is who and follow along what is happening, the story will come together and make more sense as you near the end of the book. Although I enjoyed the ending and how it all unfolded, I still found myself wishing for a tad bit more paranormal in the story line.

Overall, James Hankins is now another author on my must read list. His characters are well developed and the story unfolds slowly. There are enough thrilling parts in Drawn to make you want to skim pages and hurry ahead to find out what happens next. Drawn also leaves you wanting to read more of Hankins’ books. Topped with the fact that the Kindle edition is less than $5 right now, makes this easy on the wallet as well as a must read. Overall, I give this book 4.5 out of 5.